12 January 2010

Right. Mister Winter you're a pretty cool guy but it's going too far if I can't open my window without all the snow falling down  from the roof  straight into my bed!!! Please stop that! I would very much appreciate to have air in my room but not having to sleep in snow! Got me?

Here is a german song again but this one is so good I've translated it for you. Obviously it sounds better in german cause it doesn't rhyme in english anymore. And I've translated it within half an hour, so I can't guarantee for the correctness of the text :)


Today is such a lovely day, stand up and fight again,
We and Babylon at war until we a gon sleep at night again
The only way to live up bright again is to lift up your voices now!

I’m for love, I’m for those who love to live,
I’m for those who give love even when if it’s hard in life
I’m for those who first experience then think then pass
Instead of talking and only telling to show off
I’m for those who display weakness that we see
And understand that the real wise men see greatness in showing weakness
I’m for those who confront us with ourselves
I’m for those who keep their promise and for those who bite when they bark
I’m for people who sit chained to tracks
Rebelling instead of watching what happens and eating quietly
I’m for neighbours who help, picnic in the park,
For love, peace and harmony, of course I’m for peace in Iraq
I’m for CD’s for less money at Media Markt
That everyone can afford what I say and not only a doc
I’m for more jobs, more workstations, more positions, more labour markets
I’m for everything which makes hope and creates strength every day


I’m against being against everything but I’m against some things I know
Because some things aren’t necessary
I’m against genetically manipulated vegetables and against pig
I'm against that one think you must be complicated to seem being smart
I’m against being fool, I’m against being nice to some people
Who think they ought to be disrespectful
I’m against bosses they think only to be the chief
You have to be nasty and to kick and shout at the staff
I’m against politics which are constructed to control us
I communicate by composing controversial verses
Come with me and see the world as it is now
Cause I’m against every single fascist who pollutes us with his poison
I’m against animal testing, I’m against cloning of human life.
I’m against that that at this time still millions live in Quonset huts
And man I’m against giving up, I’m against watching when human life perish


I don’t care what you dig in one year
As long as you’ve got what you need and do what you think everything’s right,
I don’t care how much you know and which master your teacher was
Which emperor your ruler is if you know who you are
I don’t care how much experiences you have if you only stand and don’t move anything and you don’t gain experiences at all, I don’t care how much you party and drink if it’s well cared of the children the next day, no problem
And I don’t care how much criticism I receive, for some tracks cause others say they love the songs,
I don’t care how off- hook you are, just fly away
Cause if you come too close to the sun then you will come back by yourself
Otherwise your wings melt down in a snap
I don’t care how much you lie I just listen to you
Cause some day you get caught up in your own rope
Then it doesn’t matter how much you scream you break your own neck


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