13 January 2010

The little things are the things that make your day, the things that really count. A smile from a pretty stranger, a flower from a handicapped person, a compliment, a received credit, a handsome gesture, a nice surprise, a funny moment, a hug, a kiss, a thankful face and all sorts of small things which make you feel better, happy and smile.

After writing this I found this poem:

It's the little things that lasts
the little things that impacts the most
genuiness, a kind heart and gentle spirit
easily detected and greatly respected
an uplifting speech
a desire to teach
a helping hand
someone who understands
the little things
or gentle touch
your contribution to such effort
means so much.

written by David J. Hudson

This is a band called Jerx and there is a funny story behind it. They added me randomly on myspace, I got in touch with them and asked about one of their remixes I like so much. They gave me the name of the guy who produced the song and I contacted him. Then it turned out he plays in a band as well which poster I've stolen from a gig. haha as I realised that I was like ahh you know what I think I've got your poster at home and he said, what?! no way! now I know why our posters always disappear mysteriously :)

P.S.: Jerx were so laughing as I told them euphoric I bought their new album for less than 1 euro at ebay! the limited edition with pick and posters of course!

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