6 January 2010

I wish I was in Cape Town RIGHT NOW. To work in a hyper record shop with ultra cool people. To walk with mega sunglasses fluffy through the Long Street. To surf again. To be damn tanned. To enjoy rocking Tableview with his fresh teenage breeze and feel unlimited. To meet up with friends at the Blouberg beach with an after work beer and watch the unique sunset. To lose your mind in the beauty of the view. To smell the tingly youth. To get a lift on the back of a buggy, feel the freedom of the wind on your skin and beam with happiness. To see wild animals free. To make a braai wherever you want, every day and look at the Milky Way. To eat Koeksister, Biltong and Milktard. To go to Spur and pretend it's your birthday again only to get a song and an ice cream for free. The only thing I don't miss is Trance haha. Sorry guys!


No kidding! I would leave the country today without hesitation. If there wasn't the unpayable flight.

This is Johnny Neon, some south african weirdos ;) I  LOVE  this video. They only got two, so here we go.

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