5 January 2010

Dogtown and Z-Boys. Amazing story about the birth of extreme! I wish I had a skateboard....
But I'm even too clumsy for snowboarding or skiing, years ago they had to stop the ski lift which was miles long, only because of me! TWICE. Because I ended up driving against a wall and landed in between. I'm still embarrassed about that. Since then never again :P so here's the question,  me?! skateboarding?!?!?! Well let's see, won't be boring though when I try it.

Yaaaaaaay Laura my sweetness visited me today. Cigarettes, beer, silly talks, making fun of each other. Time was passing by so quickly! We had so much to talk about. Goddamn it was nice! AND there's nothing like exchanging Gbs of music. I Love it. Good day! Even though I cut myself  3 times today. Miss her already....

Just by the way, it might be a good idea to put the car keys in first and then trying to drive :) big laugh!

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