4 January 2010

Throwing snowballs out my roof window at people and hiding, it's fun. Driving a car when it's icy and slidding isn't though! It does good talking with a best friend. Gives me some kind of security. Even in the last sleaziest pub we could find. It's all right as long as you can smoke in there.
I couldn't sleep a wink since 6 am. So I had no choice but to  listen to Prodigy. Loud. The neighbours will thank me.
Age. Age it's just a number. You are as old as you feel. I'm definitely young at heart. Most losing it the older they get. It's their choice not mine.

Ahhhhh I'm nuts about concerts. I'm a maniac at that score! I do really enjoy freaking out to music. Makes me feel alive, makes me happy, makes me free, makes me forget, makes me everything.


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