3 January 2010

Hey this morning, well or should I say this afternoon, as I woke up I had to think about this sentence and the story about it.

              " True love. True pain. True life."

It's a quote of  'Kahlschlag', one of my fave movies. Well this was in the early morning of 1. January 200 , fuck can't remember, 2008? Anyway, I was explaining the story of the movie to my friends, adding my personal opinion. And as I reached to the sentence, I banged my fist very firmly to every word on the table . Apparently everything way too loud cause suddenly  a whole bunch of people I've never seen in my life before were standing up in this cafe full of other guests and applauding me!!!!!! ME! Saying they're impressed with my words and  surprised by my wisdom and maturity at my very young age. I was just sitting there with big amazed eyes, embarrassed,  laughing, shaking my head with my green hair at that time and couldn't believe what just happenend!! This made me pretty proud somehow. A priceless experience. A fucking nice one. Crazy. Thank you so much for this gesture strangers! I won't ever forget it.

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