9 February 2010

2 days, 3 cities, 12 hours train drive. Tired but happy. Yes I'm not only chaotic, I'm even pretty very good at organzising and managing things well expect of my room I guess. I have a certain feeling for it, believe it or not. And I usually have a good orientation of directions and a good memory of places and numbers which I only realised few years ago as I've started to trust myself hell of a more. Yesterday has been my sister's 28 th, I've visited her in Augsburg, it was short but lovely. In the night then I was lying on the inflatable matress with my paranoia T-Shirt and felt positively alive.
Today I went to munich for my second tattoo session, OH MY GOD. I adore it. I need more, more, more, more, more, more, more!...and fast!
Hugo, my one-armed guest tattooist from Brazil wasn't there, so this time Chippi did it, a kick ass tattooer, one of the bests around!

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