7 February 2010

As I woke up today my mum's boyfriend pressed me a parcel in my hand I've never expected!!! SUCH a freaking nice surprise, my friend Anni sent me 3 entire Cd's I've once mentioned I wanna have! This simply made my day. Thank you again at this place :) Listening non stop, in full blast of course.
We chose our life, we make decisions every day. And it's about our decisions how our future will look like. There are no good or bad decisions. It's only essential that we change every decision into a right one.
If I really want something I sacrifice very much to get it. I wouldn't stop at nothing but I do things other people wouldn't ever try or take. It's only important to keep your self esteem in anything you do. And if I tell you or promise something, you can be sure I'll do it. No matter how long it takes. I walk my talk. That's why I don't dally with promises.This wouldn't be fair.

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