6 February 2010

Oh no I had so much ideas for a text today and now sitting here and starring at the screen, I must have lost it somewhere on the way to the computer, damn. Alright, I will walk back and try to remember. Failed. That means I have to come up with something new, something different. The only thing I know I haven't smile today. Not once.
Stop, I remembered one thing in the meantime I showered my legs to life again. " The beat goes on" a calendar for dead musicians!!! Yes, I got this perfect present last year from Kreiterhex Anna in person and might get myself a new one for this year. I know I'm bit late but it's still 2010 right?

This is how it looks like and I'm telling you it's super cool! Even though it's a serious topic, it makes you grin very often, especially the statistics are some kind of amusing. Everyday it says when, where, how and why a musician died. There is always "the death of the week" with very interesting facts about the actual artist! It's drop-dead, I love it. Oh and when I die, I want to have 'the beat goes on' written on my gravestone.

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