6 March 2010

Drunken Dreams

Oh man, great night, great party, great people! Aga's bday singstar party. I had so much fun. Definitely too much of Beverly Hills cocktails. The strongest they had, knocked me out and landed sleeping in the bar. Can't remember much though. I apparently was that drunk, tried to eat a vanilla pod ,confused the joystick with the microphone and while singing into the joystick wondered why it isn't working but nevertheless still continued. Must have been such a great picture for the others ;) and if Anni hadn't cross my way coincidentally as I tried to walk home by my own  without phone, money and orientation but ran in circles around munich without realizing what I'm doing, I probably would have frozen to death outside as spring turned to deep snowy winter overnight.
No really, had such a blast! Yeehaaaa! Missed my girls!

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