4 March 2010

Hi, back from Berlin. First time I took the ICE in my life. Yeah it's true.
I laugh at myself because life is really too short to take it too serious. I love to laugh. I try to laugh at my worries, my insecurities and my anxeties to make them lighter. I laugh when I irritated or confused, I laugh when it's not allowed, I laugh in awkward and embarrasing moments, obviously I laugh at funny and pleasant things the most. Of course I do cry as well because sometimes there is nothing to laugh about. But I simply enjoy laughing hell of a lot more. Sometimes I laugh in order not to cry. Laughing is healthy. Join me :)
Uploaded 18 Beatles albums today. Must have pretty much all songs by now. Hehe.
Can't wait for tomorrow!

Scars on Broadway- They Say

Scars On Broadway | MySpace Music Videos

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