16 April 2010

Elephants passing every morning your house, priceless. Lonely endless massive wild and the most beautiful beaches for just yourself and watching whales swimming in the sea , priceless. Waking up from the sound of a Gibbon and sleeping with Cheethas, priceless. Making a bonfire every night, enjoying the pure starlit sky and meeting friends for a lifetime, priceless.

In South Africa I'd been living in a....bush. Haha. First in kind of a container then in a house with ca. 40 m2 sharing my room with at least 2 people, always. No computer, no Internet, no TV, no wash machine, no Ipod, no camera, no Facebook, no Myspace, no Skype. Brown water and sometimes even no electricity. To get to the next town, I had to walk more than 1 mile to arrive the main street, there catching a Minibus taxi squeezed like a bug or getting a lift on a pick up (buggy). In town walking up the highest hill you can imagine to go on errands. Food, real fresh and amazingly cheap fruits and vegetables. Pick'n' Pay.
And you know what, this was the best time in my life so far.

It's not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.

I worked with animals, with primates to be more precise. In the primate sanctuary Monkeyland. Don't be shy, look it up : http://www.monkeyland.co.za/  I spent all day outdoors in the forest, no matter if it was hot, raining or stormy. I became a true member of the community. I miss them all like hell, still. It's impossible to describe my life there in a few sentences. 1000 stories to tell, 1000 of pics to show. Maybe one word: Awesomeness!

I was actually this guy and guided tourists through the forest. And pssss I tell you a secret, I still got the uniform ;)  Helped out with the animals and crossed this suspension bridge like 4 times a day. Haha, this background music is rather pretty dramatic! and the presentation could be a bit more exciting but hey :)
Joey naughty naughty boy you! I know you miss me nevertheless.


  1. I'm amazed Eva, but then, the fact you have lived such an exciting way of life to such extent, shouldnt amaze me, because its you. but even so. :) xxxx

  2. haha thanks my dear but wait until I'll teach you some survival tricks in september muahaha ;) xxxx