20 April 2010

Lloyd's Python
             Me holding a corn snake at Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary

I like snakes. I don't think they look very friendly but I like their skin to touch. It's nice. I just couldn't have any big ones. I wouldn't have the heart to kill mice or rabbits. I've been in Poland over the weekend and discovered a snake in the forest. I was awwhh let's play but the snake was too shy and too scared so I let him go. It still reminded me of my scary meeting with a puffadder in the wild.

You must know a puffadder is one of the most common and dangerous snakes in Africa. It's venom is strongly hemotoxic, destroying bloods cells and causing extensive tissue damage. It's willing to bite and if you touch one you can be surefire to get bitten by one.

So now my story. I was chilling innocent in my bikini and without a bad thought prone on my towel and snoozing in the sun. Then something would constantly irritating me, the first time I thought it's the grass tickling my ankle so I scratched the spot and shaked my leg, the second time I thought okay it must be a flie or a mosquito so I tried to make it go away with my hand, but still not looking and kept on lying on my stomache, as something touched my ankle the third and fourth time I got really angry and eventually turned around to the right sight and I was paralysed with fear and scared stiff, there was this puffadder starring into my eyes and tasting my ankle with her tongue. Literally one breath away from my foot. No grass stalk, no insect, a highly toxic snake has been tickling me all the time. Crazy. In this moment I was fucking sure this is it, I was oh fuck well goodbye world. This is my end.
I wasn't in the position to run away or catching her.
So I knew if I move, I would die but if I don't move, I would die too. Hmmm. AHHHHHHHHH! I was still not moving and watching her and she was watching me and my head was rattling, okay when she's going to bite me, I will die within 5 hours or I will at least losing my leg. There was NO ONE on the farm and no hospital near enough for my leg to survive nor probably me. So I decided no, puffadder sorry but you won't bite me!! I honestly don't know how this worked out, I only can remember I was moving half- lying away from her , millimeter to millimeter to the right, sweat running down my body, keeping eye contact and trying to not freak out and stay calm, it took me about 10 minutes to be half a meter away from her, then took the chance and jumped up as fast as and as wide as I could and run into the house, now she was following me fast as a flash, so I slammed the door, put my shoes on and run outside but I only saw her vanishing in the bushes.
Pheww, this was rad!!! I guess I just have more luck than judgement most of the time. As few days ago before this happenend, I stepped onto a nightadder accidentally and it didn't bite me either. They called me snake woman, haha well why not :)

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