11 April 2010

Hi there. What have I actually done the last couple of days? I'd even argue that I've been overly busy busy. But to others I might have done "nothing".  Nothing important because I had fun or because I diverge from the norm. So like all things, it's all relative. It depends on how you look at things. And I think when I do have fun, no matter what I'm doing, it's something I do at the end. Anyway, to make a long story short. I randomly throw some words in the circuit. First I need to remember. Ah okay. Paper work like billions things ( that's actually nothing to do with fun) Anna, pictures, driving, presents from Argentina, Malaga, paranoia, fighting, nerves, chatting, Ben, deep forest, drums, bonfire, Munich, losing, missing, talking, Laura, presents from Cuba, singing, laughing, new sport shoes, embarassing, skint, workshop, white massive sunglasses, sun, tan, grandma, thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts.
And I've found and watched THE movie Dandelion on youtube. 10 videos. I can't get it on Dvd, not even in the Uk. It failed. Hmmm. Crap.
And my blisters are hurtfully healing. And I've been writing a recommendation letter for myself. Pretty weird!
And I want wishful thinking to stop. I wanna touch it. I think I truly deserve it, a heartful please must do.

I'm just saying:

 Man oh man you're my best friend,
I scream it to the nothingness,
There ain't nothing that I need.

Well, hot and heavy, pumpkin pie,
Chocolate candy, Jesus Christ,
Ain't nothing please me more than you.

I'll follow you into the park,
Through the jungle through the dark.

Moats and boats and waterfalls,
Alley-ways and pay phone calls,
I've been everywhere with you.

We laugh until we think we’ll die,
Barefoot on a summer night
Nothin’ new is sweeter than with you

And in the streets you run afree,
Like it's only you and me,
Geeze, you're something to see.

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