12 April 2010


Do whatever it takes

I don't know where to start, so I start at the beginning and if I come to the end I stop. Haha, I love the sentence. Nevermind, I need to get rid of so many stuff which has been on my mind recently but it clashes with the things I got to know, few hours fresh. I'm still super excited and nervous like you are if you know something great lies ahead of you or kind of insecurity, stage fright, butterflies and sweaty hands, bloody stupid, I wish I knew what it was. Infact there is something mega cool , Bristol. But that's in september. I've been thinking it's just normal paranoia and panic, making me mad again, but Ben said there is no need to panic for me. I should stop to worry because if you want something enough it will happen, regardless. He's right, it gives me confidence knowing a precious friend of mine believes in me. Yeah, every dream is given to us with the power to make it come true. You only have to be ready and open for doing whatever it takes. You need to dare, to risk sometimes and I will go to the end if it's necessary. Although it's really draining me of strength. My other dear friend Aga was saying. what awesome CV, Rock'n' Roll is not dead Eva, damn what the hell must be waiting for you in Bristol that you run your head so straight and tenacious against the wall?  Well the best thing about it is, I will find it out.
 "Led by destiny", this book was lying in my bookshelf for years, I never read it .Today I opened it, the author signed it with these words " may this book be an inspiration for realizing your dreams", 2 years before she died young I found out now. Thank you. I've been starting to read it. It's in polish. It's going better than I thought.

Kinga and Chopin began with nearly $600, two backpacks, a one-way ticket, hardly any plans and many dreams. How could they see the world with practically no money? Through hitchhiking, of course. Packed with inspiring diary-style chapters, colourful images and amazing stories, Led By Destiny by Kinga Freespirit captures an incredibly hitchhiking adventure around the world.The journey took them five years.

Enough for now. I have to put my other thoughts off until tomorrow. 

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