13 April 2010

Mike Brodie

Gosh I'm telling you, it was love at first sight!!! I immediately fell deeply in love with his photos. They speak volumes, unconventional, offbeat, authentic. Amazing work with amazing personality.
I came across the name The Polaroid Kidd which drew my attention. Mike Brodie is his real name and he left home with 18  only armed with a Polaroid camera from his friend and the spirit of youth to crisscross the American country riding the rails, capturing raw pictures of young hobos, romantic 21st-century gypsies, downshifter, punks, train-hoppers, squatters, vagabonds and runaway middle-class kids living off the grid in their own constructed universe. ACE!
It took him 3 years to do this. WOWEEE!

Take a wild rivet ride rough steel bracin' your rollin' wandering eyes, bracin' your rollin' adventurin' thighs, runnin' wind and flowery air rushin' through your tingly beaming beautiful feeling face... free hearts, open skies, push your spirit out on a rise... to the roof of the world... ride, baby, ride. Run and don't stop, sleep when you roll, roll when you wake, green and yellow dreams, your body aches, dirt bath livin', creek side givin'... swimmin' escape filled livin', give up your back, jumpin' jack, across the canyon crack'.... rails and dreams, nothin' but sun, clouds and pillows, dirt bath and willows, the sun is guardin' your life, the sky is your wife... the land is your man, go baby go...

Mike B's runnin' free, disappearin' before your eye's, out of the herd, the horizon flys, floating away on the back of a bird. In the sun....fire orange, bright ass day, another one... rollin' across... open wide... lovin' your amigo, go with the tide, golden rule livin' til' the freakin' end baby. No, no I will not go, I will not live in a carpet cube, a computer box will not be me's... an office chase is for the bee's, the one's whose dreams are lost in the breeze... a ride, the space, the roll on, no race... the go... the movin, the seein', the believe'n... the lovin', the be'in, the you'in and the me'in...the we'in, the us'in, the smilin', the screamin'. The drums are beatin', we're goin', we're leavin'...

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