12 June 2010

Fuck! I need this drummer in my band!!

Third part: Okay, the memory starts to cease. Hurrying up.
31.05/01.06.2010:  Istanbul. Arrived. Finally. Our hostel- perfect! Just our cup of tea. Rock'n'Roll hippie ghetto style. Absolutely lovely! Had to go up upstairs to the common room, chillaxing lounge, lawn of carpets whatever. Red faces, sweaty, smelly, 3 days with no shower. Awkward moment for us in front of the other guys. We just had to explain our look to them to feel better, not that they start to think we came by plane and looking always like that. They were woooow crazy and we already earned some respect of them. Nice one! Then something really incredible occurred : a shower! The feeling of cold fresh clear water on my body was indescribable. I've never felt so fresh afterwards. New born is the right expression for it.
Next day. I think on that day we did lots of tourist stuff, boring. The evening is much more interesting. We sat outside on the roof terrace with our sparkling wine and got to know and talking to all the other guys. We smoked Shisha, orange, banana, grape, cappuccino, apple. Pretty much everything. It was awesome, we all got along so well together, we had a fantastic party.  I think no one of us will forget this night so fast. Mega fun. Especially when Jon's cock was on fire and the shisha coal was glowing through his white trousers. That was the ultimate killer. Epic laugh. Everybody was lying on the ground yelling.  

The spaghetti in the morning

My feet afterwards

Our hostel. I love the way Erasmus is written.

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