18 November 2010

I'm dreaming about everything that no one thought to wonder!

Literally running from one band rehearsal to the next, I'm playing in 3 bands so far. Don't even know the bandnames haha, head's a mess. And all because of the auditions and assessments taking place next week. Due to my illness and all the intense singing, my voice is really suffering which sucks. Well no option but to be in peak form next week ey! I wanna see only Distinctions please. 
Sweet practice just now. Looking forward to perform. Have a nice evening.   


  1. wie wahr.
    ps. dein progilbild gefällt mir auch super.
    ist neuer, oder ?

  2. oh dankeschön dieter :) mein profilbild ist aber schon länger hier drauf hehe.
    hatte in letzter zeit gar keine zeit mehr, deine bilder zu bewundern. werd ich aber bald nachholen :) lg