24 December 2010

I get my prezzies today! It's only an english tradition to get them on the 25th which I think it's stupid haha.

It's my name day today. Adam and Eva. In Poland you don't celebrate birthdays. You celebrate name days. Happy name day for me then.

You know its time to keep it simple
Lets take a chance and hope for the best
   Life is short, so make it what you wanna
I climbed days on the history
I had a change of philosophy
I take these days as it comes to me
And I won’t take myself off that seriously
Take off your shoes, lay back, and take a load off
Give me your blues, let me love it away
Nothing to lose, so don’t act like such a grownup
the best thing about you is me
don't say no, c'mon just say yes

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