25 December 2010

“The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing others’ loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes the magic of life.”

I do it all the time. I kinda feel its my duty, my mission. And I don't expect anything in return. But let it say it that way. I need love too.

There was this Bansky Gallery Q from 12 Nov- 24 Dec in Bristol. I had no clue. I was wandering around in Stokes Croft, talking about Banksy and suddenly I saw this sign telling me Enter Here! Snap!    

"In the summer of 2009, more than 300 000 people queued to see the Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibition. They waited in all weathers for up to four hours to get in. The People's Republic of Stokes Croft saw the queue as possibly Banksy's greatest work of art and asked the queuers to 'express themselves' on specially made cards. They lost a lot of pens and a lot of cards, but in the end managed to collect about 3500 artworks. Katy Bauer, who conceived and ran the project, also filmed and took snapshots. THE BANKSY Q is a show of those who queued and all of their drawings."

I was planning to go to the Bansky exhibition last summer. I couldn't make it by no means. Otherwise I might have been in the gallery or in the book now..................


  1. tatal cool.
    würd ich mir auch gern anschaun.


  2. gell! :) war echt ein zufall, dass ich da gerade unterwegs war. sonst hätt ich es auch noch verpasst. Bansky ist einfach zu geil.

    noch schöne restliche feiertage und ein unglaublich tolles neues jahr wünsch ich dir :) glg