20 December 2010

We didn’t talk about anything heavy or light. We were just there, together. And that was enough.
— The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I'm back in Bristol. I've spent a super lovely time in Market Rasen with Ben. I really enjoyed it. I felt at ease, it felt right. My birthday was great as well. Jägermeister Fanta, German beer, Tea shop, Tron 3D and this amazing Cafe in Lincoln, one of the best in Europe, with sheets of music on the walls and secrets written on postcards. My secret is well good. hehe. Finally seen the forest again, fed ducks, seen the weirdest sheep who are pooing simultaneously, some damn cool trials and other pretty things you can find in the wild. I could have easily stayed longer. It was well good. Thank you for all the effort and all the love.
My return journey wasn't that pleasant at all. I was pretty much on the way to freeze to death. The connecting bus from Birmingham to Bristol wouldnt show up. For 14 hours! I was left alone in the cold, luckily there was another guy in the same situation, so we stuck together. The cold was cruel. It was literally killing us in a slowly way. As if every cell would die off gradually. I can't actually describe it. Fact is, my skin turned blue and purple, I lost feelings in my legs and arms, I couldn't walk properly, it hurt like hell.  I could burn my skin without feeling any pain, the frost in my face made my lips burst bleeding. That was the worst nightmare I've ever experienced. As I arrived in Bristol eventually after all this hours, I couldn't believe to be alive. I've never ever been so thankful for a hot shower in my entire life as in this very moment. I almost cry.          

I will have to pull my heart away


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