22 February 2011

I just need someone who puts his arm supertight around me and says, everything's gonna be fine, I'll take care of it. That would change a lot.

Otherwise, pretty long, very long day. Recording in the studio and rehearsal for my audition was fun though. Love this lifestyle. And funnily enough, as exhausting as it was for me, especially in my condition, I feel "refreshed" by the feeling of having done something productive and things moving forward.

| Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert from Artists Wanted on Vimeo.

Pete Eckert is a blind visual artist from California. He uses sound, touch, and memory to create photographs that build a bridge between the blind and sighted world. Fascinating.


  1. It's a long way from S W France, but my arms are outstretched.

    An old friend from Art College days, now lives and works in California. I'm sure she's mentioned this guy Eckert; I shall have to delve.

  2. aww thank you! thats very sweet :) !
    really?! must already be well-known over there then, yes please do it and let me know.