24 March 2011

Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.

This band uses folk and chilrden's song and changes them into Deathcore, Electrocore and Fun Metal. They did an acoustic version of " Der kleine Vampir", a kid's book from 1979 about a little vampire. Love it.


  1. A long time ago (in London) I shared a house with Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd). At home he would sing songs about mice, dolls, and other child-like subjects. Pity I didn't record him.

  2. Wow no way!! You lived with him? Exciting stuff :)How was it? Yeah imagine you would have recorded him, I've heard he was a songwriter genius anyway, I bet even when he sang about mice, it was pretty good. My friends uncle, Snowy White, plays with Pink Floyd as well.