25 March 2011

Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem

Lying with pyelitis on both sides in bed. Taking super strong drugs and I'm not allowed to move. The doctor described me loooooots of watching TV and reading books haha. Actually in much pain but hey, I'm kinda used to it. People say I look good and assume I must be feeling good too. But that's okay,  I'm just not the person who complains or moans all the time when I feel poorly or tries to catch attention by putting on an agonizing face. I'm more the brave little soldier. Still can't resist the great sun outside, it's too good to spend all day indoors.


  1. You MUST MUST MUST see a specialist!!! Ask your doc' for a referal. Hope you're not feeling TOO bad.

  2. p.s. I didn't actually LIVE in Syd's house; I just stayed for a while. Syd was out on acid most of the time, but occasionally it was fun.

  3. Awh thank you for caring Cro! But I'm already seeing specialists, eventually. That's the reason I went back to Germany for the holidays in the first place as the health service in the UK wasn't that great.
    Oh yeah he had big drug problems. Poor soul. At least you have a story to tell!