22 April 2011

" Mach dir nicht zu viele Köpfe, am End weißte net mehr welcher deiner ist." Ryan de Rama

A friend with whom I travelled last year to Morocco came up with this wordplay. Translated word by word it means "don't make yourself too many heads (don't get too caught up thinking about it), at the end you won't even know which one is yours." I think that's brilliant, very true.
I love spending time in the sun and getting a tan. Sun is therapy. Tomorrow flying back to Bristol.


  1. Hello Eva:
    We do so agree, it is very unwise to have too many heads! Or too many faces for that matter.

    As far as the sun is concerned, we tend to avoid it, going for the 'pale and interesting' look!

    Thank you for becoming a Follower of our blog.

  2. That IS a good one. Two heads, two opinions, too confused.