21 April 2011

Don't follow your dreams


  1. Another of your 'what to live up to' maxims. I think I'll have to stay with the 'ageing hippy' that I am.

    Peace man! Bisou, Cro.

  2. Hello:
    We have come across your blog purely by chance - but what a happy chance! We love its variety and originality and, at times, its serious nature so are signing up now as Followers.

    The video is remarkable and so well put together. Those cyclists, leaping over fields of corn, are pure art. Wonderful. We look forward to keeping in touch.

  3. awh welcome to my blog and thank you,makes me very happy to hear :) Yes this vid is really amazing! I've seen the movie last friday at a movie theater in Munich and it was stunning! Highly recommended!
    Peace and Bisou back to you Cro ;)

  4. Wondrous filmic expressions in praise of cycles. My daughter Gabriella-Sofia from Los Angeles is visiting me in Durban, South Africa and working on arts projects based on cycles in preparation for the UN Climate Change Conference here in Nov. Will suggest she contacts you. Be great to link-up on facebook. Wishes Mikhail Peppas