20 April 2011

Ordinary Madness


Right. Went away for few days to see some friends in Munich. They are so mad. They've got this special kind of humour. And that's something what supplies my heart with pure joy. To run around the whole day and to laugh. Doing and saying mad things out of the blue, randomly, just because you're funny. Impulsive behaviour. Not to care, to be silly, to be free, to be child again. This weekend was covered by laughs. Home is where my friends are.
It started on friday. Me and Laura bought a bavaria ticket which you are free to use all day long through the entire county, so we took any random train, got off anywhere and got on anywhere without any plan nor aim and all that for the whole day. We got around pretty much. So much fun. Much better than sitting in a cafe and talking. Something different. At night watching The Life Cycles Movie in a movie theater. Awesome! Afterwards going out, connections, VIP treatment, hell yes.
Next two days Anni and Aga time. I arrived at 2 in the afternoon, literally the first thing we did, was going to the supermarket and buying booze. Celebrating our friendship. Sitting outside in the green and drinking beer. Getting tipsy in the blazing sun. Walking through the city during the day, wine, beer and crazy ideas and actions. Standard. No money for the hairdresser, let's do it ourselves. Back in the flat, shaving my head.    

That's my drawing skills

Dancing till dead through the night till the morning, losing each other, finding each other after six hours accidentally, hilarious situations, sleeping. Hangover, delivery service, movies. Midnight chips around the corner, 2 o'clock beer, serious talk. It's always like that. Wether with or without alcohol. Ordinary madness. Welcome to my life.