29 December 2009

10 years ago everything began. Smoking, drinking, parties, boys haha :P
It's funny having two dogs at home, watching them playing and to see how they try to catch your attention first. I love animals. You can even hold their paws and sing ' I wanna hold your hand' to them. Great companions.

I don't care a fig  for diamonds and gold. They carry no weight for me. You don't automatically become rich inside or a better person when you have expensive jewellery on your outside. Some people seem to think so. Maybe all the bling bling it's making them blind. I don't know. For me it's just absurd to spend so much money on shallow things, I would know thousand better things what to use the money for. Believe me!
Don't gain the world and lose the soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold!

I'm not really into 80s or 90s music but I've just seen this genius movie about Tony Wilson, Factory records and about how Manchester and his musicians made gigantic music history from the very start of Punkrock till the remains of Rave culture. And this song definitely did his big bit.
Okay okay sorry, I must be fair. Those two songs did.

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