28 December 2009

I've been watching This is England, great movie. There is nothing dumber on earth than Nazis. Actually you could almost feel sorry for them cause the wankers are really stupid as shit. Those brainwashed subjects of hate and hollowness don't have anything better to do than get rat-arsed and blame foreigners for taking them the jobs away. OH MAN, what a lame excuse for being lazy, dissatisfied and feeling too good for the work foreigners do for less money. It's only a reaction of envy. Yes, they do it for less cash cause for them it's still much, they appreciate any work to survive and to feed their families. Wouldn't you do the same?! If you'd live in a poor country below the poverty line or in a war zone,wouldn't you take a chance and move to another country to try your luck , to be safe and to give your family a better standard?! so please FOLLOW YOUR LEADER and shoot yourself. Thanks!

I'm so so crazy about the new record of Endless Hallway, I extra ordered their album from the USA, they really have promise!!! Bombastic and mind-blowing sound. Finally a distinctive band. They've posted me on myspace and wanna come over to Europe soon. I swear I'll be the first to see them hehe!

Oh and I'm grinning about my post I got this morning, a special parcel from England! This mister really made me smile, I love surprises like this, my heart is full of hihis hihi hihihiiii :)

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